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cloth constraints


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I'm trying out the cloth constraints but it seems to be a bit hit and miss. So I'm trying to attach rope to the sail. Both are cloth objects, and I've tried having the sail one sided and double sided with a poly extrude. But when looking at constraint guide geo, it seems to be pointing at a random place.

There are no points or any geo present where the guide seems to be ending up. I've tried subdividing the geo (sail) even more but that doesn't seem to change I was looking at the cloth stitch constraint but I get too many cross stitching happening. Does any one know why this might be happening?


Thanks guys



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I've tried that, from what I can tell from the cloth attach constraint node, it works by selecting the points you want to constrain, then selecting the area you want to constrain to (prims), then it rays the points you want to constrain onto the prims.

I've tried selecting a single quad prim to using the entire object.  

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