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Changing Alembic without re-texturing?

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I have a complex model came from Maya in alembic format. It has several UVs and many parts are shadered in houdini. I'm talking about few dozens of Material nodes in Materials and Shop.

Is there a way to change the alembic without the need of reassigning all the material nodes?


A solution would be much appreciated :)


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You can change and access the alembic file through it's either python or C# bindings if you are feeling like a bit of coding. The python implementation is pretty good. 

As for full round tripping nod-ally through Houdini this is not possible at this time, with out some pipeline work so that you can reassemble it as the exporter would expect it. This is actually a little more work. If you are ok with the structure being changed a bit in the case of simple strutures this may work out for you.

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