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White dots in render

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Hey everyone! I'm having a weird issue when rendering where, on specific frames, there is consistently solid white dots on the render (in mantra). It isn't like noise, and it only happens on specific frames. It happens on frames 472 and 362 regardless of the camera I use. I've attached images of what I'm experiencing. I tried looking around online and the only thing I found was to try lowering the color limit value, but the issue persisted and clamping that value too much made my renders ugly haha. Any help would be appreciated!image.png.4134900c444ba71dffed148c16c7070d.pngimage.png.4ae3e1294b9bda82b0c5db35a62d5740.pngimage.png.9412b9c9f771689fd32251ff8f0ef025.pngimage.png.8213e19cfade18ae953026f1b6c14cca.png


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I do not use Mantra personally, but this is a good thread to read they were dealing with some of the same issues. 



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