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How to merge poly points correctly ?


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Hi Guys,

I would like to know what is the proper way to merge point on a poly geo in H.

I have attach a very simple scene, when i use fuse to merge my points, it does merge the points, but i still get 5 vertices ?

How would you do to get a clean merge with 4 vertices only ?

Thanks for your time.




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Hi there,

It's a good question, I think, as long as your poly is open it need 2 vertices for the point 0.

If you put a clean after you close it, it get rid of the vert. no4. Same if you fuse it after closing it.

Someone plz correct me if i'm wrong.


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Thanks for your answer Nache,

i think 50% of my problem is that i am confusing Maya / Houdini concept ...

to me you need a vertex normal (vertices ?) each time you want to attach a point to a face.

so 4 points creating a quad only need 4 vertices to create one quad prim -> this is the REF exemple in my scene => that sound logical to me.

in that scenario if your geo is merge correctly you don't need 5 vertices.


BUT you indeed need 5 vertices if you want to store correctly your uv 's because you indeed need to store 0, 1, 2, 3 and 0 to close the UV map properly.

and i guess that this concept of vertex normal and uv's in H is still not crystal clear in my mind.


But you are right the solve is to close the geo before the fuse , i was thinking that merging the point will automatically close the geo, but it is not the case.



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I have finally solve my issue to get a clean proper merge point on a poly curve. To get the exact equivalent of a maya merge centered point, i need to use 3 nodes in this exact order

- snap centered

- closed straight 

- fuse point

With this combination i am able to grab the merge point correctly.

If you have a cleaner / more simple way of doing this , i would be happy to know !





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