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Slomo Paint From Speaker fx

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Hi everyone,

i am a student and quite new to houdini. I am currently trying to achieve this fx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WKU7gG_ApU#t=3m and since it has to be driven by a particle system i have  started with partciles with trail of which i changed the shape but

it looks more like a scientific visualization of feertilization than paint ahah! The paint would also have to end up forming a paint ball/blob by the gathering of all the paint streams. I have  a few questions:

- How can i randomize the shape and the behaviour of the trails to make it look more like the reference?

- How can i change only the sape of the first sphere copied onto the first particle of the trail without affectiing the shape of the trail?

- How could i intergrate some indipendet/random bubbles of paint popping out of the main streams?

I attached hip if you want to take a look

Every other suggestion would be much appreciated

Many Thanks




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You could do a flip sim to drive this sort of effect. Those tendrils are basically from surface tension. Animate the speakers so that they are creating some velocity and collide them, you could use gravity/forces to pull them up.

For the bubbles, you can use a simple pop network with particles moving upwards and dying off quickly, copy stamp some spheres on them and then use that as collision objects for the flip.


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