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Request - Articles of the History of Procedural Art

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Hey Guys,

I'm currently doing a project on Procedural Art, techniques, workflows, how to integrate with more traditional "hand crafted" methods etc etc. Part of the project is discussing the history and future of it. I've found a ton of articles on the History of procedural level design, but what I really need (and what I'm struggling to find) is stuff on the history of procedural Modelling and Texturing, particularly for film (though I won't scoff at anything about games haha). If you guys have any articles or papers or anything that relate even vaguely to this area, I'd love to take a look :) 

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Hey may be worth checking out a lot of the newest games and googling to find some articles, Ghost Recon wildlands used a ton of procedural techniques and I think so did horizon zero dawn! 

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