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Liquify paint effect


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I'm fairly new still to Houdini and was wondering if someone might be able to give me a nudge in the right direction as to how to approach an effect.
I want to try to liquify a painting as it hits an object, such as a groundplane, splashing apart into its various colors.  At the moment I've been trying the FLIP path, creating a thin box and turning into a FLIP object, removing default water shader and then using a Attributes from Map node at the end of the flip sim to apply colors from a map of the painting to the points.  This seems to work ok, the painting maintains a recognisable image as it splashes apart.  But to get the painting to appear at a high enough resolution I have to push the point count quite high.  I would prefer to be able to use an actual hi res texture map and keep the splash geometry reasonable.  Can this be done?  Or can you think of an altogether more sensible approach?  
The other thing this method does not currently achieve is any kind of separation or blending of colors, it simply pulls apart and warps the existing map.  I acknowledge this would probably be a separate process applied to the painting texture, but would be interested to know if there's any cops nodes which might help with this warping/bleeding of colors in a 2D image. 

Sorry bit of a rambling question, but curious to hear any thoughts on any aspect of it,

Much appreciated

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