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How to always show geo guide in HDA(digital asset)

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Notice that i am not well at English, thanks to you guys to look my topic...


I made a digital assets that need to show the inside geo but not the output one.

I know that appoint the target geo use Guide Geometry at the node tab of type properties will work, but it only works if the hda is selected, like bend sop (or others) do


so I have to add another output to hda, and connected with a null node and template it to always show the target geo.


But I really do not want to achieve the aim use this method.

Does anybody knows other way to always show geo guide whether the hda is or not selected?

Thank you.


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You can make checkbox in your HDA call it i.e "Make Guide Visible" and bind with switch node. First plug in a null node - visible off, second your guide geometry - visible on. Now you can turn it on and off whenever you want.

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