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Loss of array color after adding RBD Object to geometry

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Hi people, I got some problem with color loss in my balls array attached to point box.

Everything is working as intended until I transform my array to RBD Object. 

In my scene I would like to have balls bounce around and collide with everything but I would like to have some materials and distribute them randomly on them as well.

Everything is working but color is lost inside Assemble node at the end in Attribute Wrangle node called : add_name_attribute.

I have no idea what happens but this node is making additional groups from my balls and in the end there are many groups which I don't need. All balls are turning grey in viewport as well.


If you could have a look I would be grateful.


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On 17.04.2018 at 10:39 AM, 3dome said:

unpack them after sim and you color should be there again

It worked ! Thank you Dominik !!! Have a great day.

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