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Phantom variable

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Somewhere in Houdini(it happend when I was going through "Rocketship" tutorial) I came across a variable called HSITE :huh:

The variable points in to same directory as HFS. The question is: What is this variable? What is it used for?

Another thing.

From time to time Houdini crashes(what software doesn't?!) and spits out this error

Fatal error: Segmentation Fault

Saving Application data to

C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/local settings/Temp/Administrator.hip

As you can see, Houdini uses USER variable for this path and I don't need that!

I want the file to be saved in my JOB directory.

So, tell me please more about this USER variable. Is it system variable and is being used by other apps? Where can I modify it? If this is not a good idea to modify it, what can I do to make Houdini save file where I want.

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$HSITE/houdini works very much like $HOME/houdini in the sense that it's used as a search path for shaders, desktops, etc. But it's used as a system wide variable, so every machine in the network can use the same custom 123.cmd instead of the one located at each $HFS/houdini.

I think crash saves are kept in $tmp, not $USER (mostly because $USER should be the login name, not a path). Check your system and user variables. I don't know how to change that, though.

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