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Tricky Volumes

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Every so often, i come across geometry that seems incredibly hard for dops to evaluate a volume of. So i'm interested to hear about other people's techniques in getting good volumes so that their collisions are working more accurately. For example, try out the attached .bgeo and see if you can get a decent volume out of it in dops. Because of the shape (which could be something as small as an S hook or large as a winding metal road barrier) it has a tough time getting in to those concave areas and only comes up with these protruding spots that are innaccurate..

Thoughts anyone?


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Hi, deecue

For concave geometry, you may want to turn off "Laser Scan" in Volume tab.

Or, you could just forget about volume and change "Surface Representation" to "Edges" in Collisions>Surface tab.



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hmm.. odd.. i had tried turning off laser scanning without much luck.. as well as tried edges.. i know i tried all of this.. but now.. all of those options seem to make it work perfectly.. grrr.. god knows what i did before.. i've been taking time to learn dops the last few days so i could of pushed a thousand combinations of things through trial and error while reading the docs..

thanks sho :)

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