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Particle Cloud Fun


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Hello all, so after i saw that DD breakdown of the spot where the metor hits the ground, i got a little idea of trying something similar, not the spot :P , but the RGB lit particle cloud, so i just finished rendering one out, but it's almost 2 in the morning, so i'm just gonna leave it like that for now, so how you think it's lookin




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forgive me if I am wrong, but say u have the color rgb wrt to xyz rather than lights, wouldnt one get greater control on changing lighting in shake?


aint that just a P raster?

I actualy did also some "RGB lighting" tests after i saw the D2 spot making of .. and I must admit that with "proper" light position you can trick the key/fill/back light really well... with I3D the back light was even giving a "subsurface scattering" effect.

pretty cool

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