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Disablewhen And Inputs

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Hi there,

I have an HDA which has a field of type string/operator-path. I'd like to disable this field if there is anything wired into the operator. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Basically I would like the user to either connect a wire to this node OR specify a node in the string field.

Any ideas if disablewhen can accept expressions at all?



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welll first of all...this should be in General Houdini, not general Chat :)

the 'disable when' thingajig doesn't accept expressions, just parameter|value pairs

so what you could do is set up a dummy parm called has_input at the top level

then inside rig up an integer parameter with a opninputs("") > 0 expression that sends a 0 when there is no input and a 1 when there is...then test that param in the 'disable when' of the parameter you want to control...kinda hacky but I think it would work....


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