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Hi all, just a simple question:

how to render a curve as a tapered tube,

without renderman, vex-hair shaders or

polywire... I just need a simple tube

from a nurbs curve (tapered with a point

attribute), to which I can apply any shader.



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Does it need to be a real tube? I mean do you need to see an open end? If not you can add a width point attribute to the curve to taper it ( making it a ribbon) and fake the appearance of a tube by manipulating the color over the width (s) of the ribbon.

This example sets $PT*0.2 as a width attribute and has s converted to a vector feeding into the shader color output. You could use P and/or N and probably get better results and make it take your scene lights into account....

If you need a real tube... I don't know I guess a procedural DSO is probably the answer.


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