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Apprentice Trying To Create Hail Using Pop's


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I'm a maya user new to houdini and really love the workflow and would appreciate some help with creating hail using a POP network. I'm using a grid as my particle source with:


force sop for gravity

property sop for dynamic and static friction

rotation sop

instance sop

collision sop for the groundplane collision

I'm having problems getting somewhat realistic per particle rotation. I've tried using the rotate sop and wrote an expression to rotate the particles until the first collision, and obviously the rotation instantly stops upon collision.

-rotate sop parameters-

angle --> rand($ID)*$FF*15

axis type ---> vector

if ($NUMHIT > 0 , 0, vector3(rand($ID),rand($ID+1),rand($ID+2)))

How can I derive per particle rotations that will slow down as the hail comes to stop due to friction? Any suggestions to my workflow and if this is the best approach. Thanks for your help in advance! B)

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