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Fish Bait Ball Question


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Hi all,

I am trying to create a Fish bait ball like in this video  Fish-Baitball-ref.mp4. The shape is constantly changing as the fishes flock over them.

I created a shape,used a pointvop to deform it and then used a point deform to get the deforming points.

I am clueless as how to proceed further. I want the points to flock across the deforming shape.

Can anyone guide me to get this result? Thanks in advance.


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The crowd system is perfect for this. It's mostly based on Craig Reynolds algorithm. I highly recommand to make some quick research about it to get the main idea. 

Basicly you can reproduce this effects with just couple of node.

Using the crowd shell. Bake your fish animation as a agent> Spawn some agents>Simulate the thing.

Into Dop play with steer node. The first you need to look at for this effect is the steer cohesion.


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Hi,thanks for the reply. I am trying to get this done  through crowd system. Not much of success yet. Couldn't get the control to flock the fishes over the shape. Any help is much appreciated.

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