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Imported fbx skel and mesh from Maya.. but need to replace it and keep my muscle setup?

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Hey all ok I have a simple joint chain anim done in Maya..  4 bones and a tube animating to bend the tube.

I've imported it as fbx (merged into scene).. it all comes in as a subnet package with joints and skinned mesh.  All looks good.


So I've been testing the muscle sim and basically I'm connecting the muscle start and end points to joints in the subnet.  Right now it seems to work fine.. joints animate.. muscles follow.


However I now need to update the anim on the 4 joint system.  This is easy enough Maya side.. animate.. export fbx.. job done.


BUT.. now I want to replace the existing bones/skel animation data with the one from my new fbx. And I've no idea how to do that.

Can anyone help here please?  Id be a bit miffed if I need to keep reparenting all those muscle nodes each time an anim changes lol.




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Anyone able to suggest anything for This?

I'm wondering if i need to setup a duplicate of the joint system in bind pose in Houdini..  using hou joints etc.. Then somehow bind or parent constrain those joints to the fbx joints.

Then drive my muscle sim via the hou joints.. but the bonus is I can iterate on the anim in Maya..  export fbx and plug back into Houdini auto updating the hou joint anim and muscle sim?

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