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Hi guys!

I am working on a project that needs a spirit moving through a scene, it needs to be like flowing smoke with a glowing light effect so that if reflects on objects in the scene.

I cant work out how to emit light from the smoke and move with the animation, i have been playing with both volume lights and geometry lights but i cant get either to move with the animation, they both stay at where the animation is on frame 1. I have tried selecting the volume and creating a volume light from that, and also using the original animated geometry before it was turned into a volume and making a geometry light from that, but neither use the animation.

Can anyone suggest what i am missing or doing wrong? Or way to get the smoke to emit light and use the animation to move? 

I have attached a r&d scene file and a play-blast of my problem as it stands at the moment, any help would be really appreciated! 


Password: hc





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Sometimes I've run into Volume lights locking up as well, usually just have to make new one with the shelf to get it to work. Not sure why your Geometry light wouldn't work though, can't check out your scene currently, but if you need something right now you can always find the pt number of a central pt of the Geo (before it's turned into Volume) and then reference that pt's position on a normal light.

So for example if your source geo is at /obj/spirit/source_geo, and pt 40 is around where you want the light.
Make a light and use this expression in position x: point("/obj/spirit/source_geo",40,"P",0)
For position Y and Z change the 0 to 1 and 2 for the correct indexes.

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