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Array contains single primitive as 0 ?

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I'm looping over all primitives but rather then primitives 5,6,7,8 being stored in a single array, each primitive is being stored in it's own array ? 

Since I'm using a primitive wrangler within a forEach SOP, I assume the reason why each primitive is being stored as primitive 0 rather then the primitive number; the iteration attribute has to be imported into the primitive wangler ?

 int oneMerge = detailattrib(0,"lopping",0,accept);



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Because you're iterating for each primitive. That means that there's only one primitive per iteration through the loop, so the only primitive you can see is primitive zero.

It's beating a dead horse at this point, but this is one of many reasons why you should use primitive wrangles rather than for-each loops when you want to iterate over a set of primitives.

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