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Vertex Animation Texture Loader in Houdini


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Hi all,

I am playing with Vertex Animation Textures at the moment, and was wondering if there was some sort of loader that would allow the user to test the result of export in houdini before taking it into unreal? I know it could be possible to make this, but was wondering if something like that already existed.



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Welcome to the forum Aaron!

I keep forgetting to reply to this, but I have stuff in SOPs that allows you to debug it. A bit better than just in mantra. If you still need it ping again and I can dig out the setup.

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@LaidlawFX Thanks for the reply. I would definitely be interested in seeing how this could be done. We just seem to be having a load of issues with scales and rotations and frame rates etc, would be nice to have something so i could I see I wasn't passing on anything broken haha

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