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Fatal error: Segmentation fault

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When I run Houdini this morning I get a message:


Houdini has detected a new version of Windows, and may run slower as a result.
Contact SideFX about getting an upgrade to Houdini to address this issue.
To skip printing this message in the future, set the environment variable

Indeed the system was updated this night. Now when I try to open scenes with one big asset they crash: Fatal error: Segmentation fault
I do not really understand what should I do exactly in order to "contact SideFX about getting an upgrade to Houdini to address this issue". I suppose crashes are related to windows update.



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heh, that's a bummer... :D  i would probably just ask sidefx what they think you should do about it. i haven't ever seen this message (and hope i never will :)), my last windows update went a week ago or so and i'm on 16.5.378.



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