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Create Shaders tab on Geometry node

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How to create a Shaders tab on Geometry SOP with Python (to store material stylesheets)?

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# Create Material Stylesheet parameter interface
# Select Geometry node, run script

import hou

# Get selected geometry node to create Stylesheet parameter
OBJ = hou.selectedNodes()[0]

# Define tags
dataTags = {'script_action_icon':'DATATYPES_stylesheet',
            'script_action_help':'Open in Material Style Sheet editor.',
            'script_action':"import toolutils\np = toolutils.dataTree('Material Style Sheets')\np.setCurrentPath(kwargs['node'].path() + '/Style Sheet Parameter')",

# Create parameter interface
group = OBJ.parmTemplateGroup()
folder = hou.FolderParmTemplate('folder', 'Shaders')
folder.addParmTemplate(hou.StringParmTemplate('shop_materialstylesheet', 'Material Style Sheet', 1, tags = dataTags))

Thanks to Houdini Tricks!

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