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alternative "wallcrash" setup

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trying to setup the calssical "destruction of a wall" on a, for me, new way. With problems. Logo.

How do I prevent the wall from collapsing without a hit from the sphere at the beginning. Active/passive wranglenode? How?

How could I use a constgrained "Fixateur" like a cube on the side of the wall for preventing the wall from selfcollapsing in this kind of setup? (just interested in; prefering the other way what I've asked before)

Does anyone know a good example with this kind of setup for destruction? Or similiar?

Where could I use wranglers instead of sops/dops and, of course the code for them?

whats the way for further destruct the clusters if thy hit i.e. the ground?

Thought its time to go new ways, so thats the reason for all this stuff



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