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Deactivate geometry after a duration


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I'm quite new to Houdini and am facing a problem which might be simple for any experienced user. I want to deactivate/activate a part of my scene after a specific duration. It turns out I have a scene seperated by a wall which rotate on itself 7 times by 180 degrees, therefore I want the scenary of the scene that goes off camera to deactivate, so It doesn't appear after the next rotation. 

I hope it makes sense, if not, tell me I'll try to rephrase my explanation.



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You can place a null inside the object you want to switch off.  Connect the final network output and the null to a Switch and you can animate the switch from the full object being rendered to the null being rendered.


This can cause render anomalies, however. For instance bounced rays will no longer bounce and if the object appears in a reflection it will all of a sudden not be in the reflection when you switch to the null.

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Thank you! I didn't think of that solution. It apparently works as expected, render wise I think it won't yield any problems since the part of the scene that deactivate is hidden.
This solution will allow me to render the whole sequence at once and not in multiple parts.

Thanks you again Atom! 


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