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relative reference without value return


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I am trying to copy a relative reference but only keep the path and not the value.

For example.

if i paste `chs("/obj/EXP/dopnet1/pyrosolver1/turb_swirl_size")` then obviously it will return the value of that parameter.

However, I am trying to procedurally paste this relative reference but only keep the path so that it does not return the value.

So basically :  /obj/EXP/dopnet1/pyrosolver1/turb_swirl_size

I am setting up a wedging system and want to make things as easy as possible without having to go in and manually write out paths.

Is it possible to use the relative reference but to somehow remove the `chs` part procedurally?

but maybe I am thinking about this wrong.

Thank you.

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What paths are you trying to change? You're just trying to put parameters into the slots on a wedge ROP right? But you don't want to write them each manually? I guess you could try

`opfullpath("/path/to/pyrosolver") + "/parameter"` 

and swap "parameter" with the name of the part you wanna change. Is this what you mean?

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