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Matteo Migliorini - FX Artist - looking for EU location

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LOCATION: I'm based in Italy, but used to travel (in EU preferably)

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matteomigliorinicg/



I'm Matteo Migliorini 3D/FX Artist in my recent experince I worked in Ghost VFX (interneship), in Copenhagen, like FX Artist in Houdini, on some projects like TV Show and movie.Before of it I worked for 10+ years in more different field in 3D like advanced technologies like Supervisor and FX artist for Dynamics simulation.

Actually I'm busy on some production, but I'm available from late september/october.
I acept more kind of contracts, remote/outsource or relocate work, freelance or short contract also (obviusly I know you don't have immediatly position, but for the future).

I'm smart and I love new challenges for improve my-shelf on new software/plugin (if possible) or for new tasks could be help our collaboration.

I attached my public showreel (some shots is under NDA yet, so... I can't show you more on public). You can visit my website or my youtube/vimeo channel for see more different example or another things.

Thank you and i hope to update my reel soon


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