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So I just started dabbling in FLIP and have a little river scene everything looks decent except for the whitewater.  It takes forever to cache but I have the rasterized particles cached out and the standard particles will be finished caching later this evening.

I've played with the spray shader but it looks kind of weird when applied to the rasterized particles, especially with the noise parameter that's [on] by default.

I also read a few posts that suggested trying a billowy smoke shader instead.  That made it look much better but still not correct so I figured I needed the regular particles cached in addition to the rasterized ones.  

If that's so they're caching now, but when they're finished what do I do with them?  Last time I had whitewater particles cached they just rendered as spheres because of the pscale, am I supposed to mesh them like the FLIP and then layer them?

I can post some screenshots once my cache has finished.

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