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Double Lines / Edges


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I have the problem that I can't get the double edge of a free line removed. I have already tested all the tools like: Fuse, Doctor, Clean.
Fuse melts the dots together, but not the rest.

Before fuse:

Points: 36
Prims: 2
Verts: 36
Polys: 2

After fuse:

Points: 18
Prims: 2
Verts: 36
Polys: 2

It still remains a problem and here are still double Edges. For example for the sweep node. I get double sweeps.
Of course I can remove the double line manually, but it has to be procedural.

Is it possible to equate the Verts with dots in a wrangler?




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is it about curves?

if so appending PolyPath SOP after Fuse can help 

for completely overlapping primitives both PolyDoctor and Clean SOP (since it uses PolyDoctor inside) after Fuse should work to fix overlaps

for more complex geo or in general rather clean up your profile geo before sweep to avoid double sweeps

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