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Creating ALIAS for launching houdini

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Can anyone tell me if the following syntax is correct (on Ubuntu)? I'm prepending my PATH variable then launching houdini

> alias houdini_run='pathold=$PATH; PATH=/home/jim/yt-conda/bin:/home/jim/yt-conda/sbin; /opt/hfs16.5.595/bin/hindie-bin; PATH=$pathold'

The problem is when I run it, houdini DOES launch but I'm seeing a lot of missing package errors even though they definitely ARE installed in the bin directory defined in the above PATH.


> sh: 1: grep: not found

> sh: 1: awk: not found

> sh: 1: ls: not found

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alias houdini_run='cd /opt/hfs16.5.595; source houdini_setup >> /dev/null; cd - >> /dev/null; env PATH=/home/jim/yt-conda/bin:/home/jim/yt-conda/sbin:$PATH houdini'

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