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cache out RBDs as separate sims

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hey all!

I have a rbd sim made of several rbd packed objects, and now I'd like to cache it out but export each rbd packed object as a single alembic file, ideally I'd like to cache the entire sim for review and secondary simulations (smoke and debris) and then separate the cached version by those packed objects and create different alembics...any idea on how to do that? I'm looking into dop import to mask the packed object I want, but I'm missing the step of caching the entire sim first...


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Hey Nicola.

You can use the Wedge for do it.

Basically you cache your simulation as you usually do, everything together. After you load back the geometry of the simulation you can put down a blast/delete. In the blast you can use the wedge parameter to isolate every piece of geometry and cache it out.

For example: in case you are using packed geometry you can test if the point number is equal to the wedge number. Everything else will be deleted. Remember to set the maximum range to be equal to the number of your pieces minus one since it starts from zero

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Hey Andrea!

what I meant was something more generic, say you have a building collapsing, and is made of several packed object (glass, floors, ceilings...) and I wanted them to be separated at the end of the process.

I found out that I can name them differently in the assemble sop when I pack them, so after the cache I still have the name in the primitive, so problem solved!


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