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[REDSHIFT] Terrain Instance Height Field By Feature

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I put together this setup after watching the Ari Danish masterclass on height fields in Houdini 17.


This is the default Terrain: Hills, generated by the shelf tool, with a bunch of pre-made point selections sets all ready setup. Bedrock, sediment, water, debris, direction, occlusion, slope, flat areas and peak edges are provided. There is some custom masking taking place. For instance I did not want rocks from debris inside my water so I masked them out.


The instancers, at the /obj level, reference these point sets to deploy various plant models. I have included the basic set of cc0 models consisting of 1 pine tree, 2 rocks and 11 grass meshes. When first opening the scene you may have to click the Reset Simulation button on the heightfielderode node to generate all the point sets. This should take a short amount of time to erode out 24 frames on the height field.

You should be able to supply any of the height field shelf tools to the selection set input. Revisit the heightfieldmaskbyfeature node parameters to dial in the best point sets for your particular height field.


Setup to render in Redshift.


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Oh this is just the ticket I needed. I too loved the Ari Danish master class, but ran into trouble when I wanted to scatter trees on an island and render in RS.


You're awesome Atom, thank you for sharing your wisdom. 

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Just ran a straight render from open. Took 29 seconds, looks the same, position wise.


Super work Atom


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