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Flatness Effect for Fur Clump


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Hi !


I'm trying to reproduce a XGen Clumping modifier called Flatness Effect into Houdini Hair.

It Flatten the clumps.
Instead of the usual cone shape of a clump, basic its makes it flat like a mohawk hairstyle on top of every clump.


I want to migrate from Maya Xgen to Houdini, but the only effect I can't reproduce for grooming is this flatness effect, and I do use it a lot!  I tried all the Guide Process nodes and  Set Direction was my best try, but I still can't make it work.

Probably doing something to Parameter:Tightness inside Clump to move only in one plane the clump would work ? But how to do that? Please help !


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Hi ! I finally got some results to controls the clumps inside Houdini, I should call it clump palette cube ! :D

It's very exaggerated to see better, basic there is 3 shapes, the spiral clump, the mohawk flat clump and a inverted clump.


How I did it. Inside the clump node, I added a Transform node to scale the cube from polyframe, this change the shape of the clumps but it's totally non practical to use in a character, don't work well with organic shapes. Also don't work with clump/method/linear blend/  but Thigtness still work on top of it blending with the usual cone clump.

I hope I can find a way to shape the clumps, I'm brute force clicking all over to see if something comes out, my hopes are on guide process node but the effect don't isolate on the clumps and get this effect.


Here is the scene file, its Houdini 17 Apprentice! ClumpStudie.hipnc

cheers !  =D

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