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Infating cloth, gravity problem


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Hi there! :) 

I have just two short questions.

I created inflating spheres inside of cube, and they are coliding between them selves, BUT just in shape deformation, there is no gravity, and they are not pushing themselves into free space in cube. Is there any possible way how to fix that?  

And second question is, how can I fix problem with permeability of "static object" (the cube space around spheres), because some spheres are going out from this cube, durring the simulation? Do i need decrease division size, or? (the attached picture) 

I hope both problems are understandable with my pure english. Thank You so much for any advices!

Best regard,! ;)




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Here is a modified version of your scene.

The default collision solver for cloth is surface, not volume. But that seems to only work if the cloth object is initially outside the collision object. Even flipping normals did not help. I switched the StaticObject from SolverDefault to VolumeCollisions. Because the objects are inside the box I activate Invert for the collision volume. To get gravity to work I dropped down a new ClothObject and abandoned the original. This caused gravity to work, but the resulting balloons don't have a nice rubber shape at the end. My guess is that if you push the ClothObject settings too far, as far as stiffness is concerned, the objects stop moving and remained locked in place. So you may have to balance the stiffness vs moveability.



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