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Delete interior edges after voronoi fracture in H17


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Hi all, fairly new to Houdini. Going through Hugo Beyer's rock slicing tute. He uses the (now removed) cluster option in voronoi fracture, checking the "delete exterior cluster edges" button. 

I am trying to replicate this now in H17. I added an RBDcluster node after the voronoi fracture, which seems like the preferred replacement workflow in H17. Problem is, the new clusters

do not remove what I'll call the interior edges, and there is no option to do so. I know there must be a way to do this.. including a screenshot of a cluster and graph snippet. thanks for any clues. 


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7 hours ago, AstralZombie said:

doing a boolean union in a for each loop on each piece works for what I needed (to use this as input for a vdb fracture). 

BUT.. I'd still be interested in a way to truly delete these interior edges. Looking like Vex might be way... 

hmm, I did try this coz I thought yeah use Bool to remove self intersections...but didn't seem to work 100% for me

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