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Arnold for Houdini 17. Anyone got it to work?

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Then it flishes down many arnold skin shader tutorials as many of them use Al shaders in them. 
I am trying to find good solution for skin shader. Solution that can give me good results. 
Results that you see in game trailers and cinematic on characters. 
Many skin shaders have like basic sliders and all give almoust same result. But i need variations. 
Variations on fifferent layers etc as over all that is what makes the skin shader shine. 
 Base color map - Difuse as o understand (Dictates base color of over all skin color)
 * Epidermal Color map - Outer layer of skin
* Subdermal map - Deepest layer of skin
* Mid scatter map - This is layer where i want to paint also veins
* Specular map primary- Dictates skin general specularity
* Specular map secondary - Dictates where are the oili areas in the face (As you may know skin is in some areas more oily then others)
* Displacement map
* Curvature map
* AO map
and more. 
Many of those default skin shaders that those rendering engines have suck as they have specular maps all the same and lack input of those shaders. 

Of course there are other issues that i at start did not know. 
For example in redshift
Discovered also that  there were several problems but the main source of the color looking strange was that your diffuse color map is also in linear space and so it required you to make it read in linear by changing the rs texture node to use 1.0 gamma. Also I did not have GI turned on in the render settings or a Redshift Object tag to add the displacement and tesselation. The Displacement is also a Tiff vector displacement so this means the displacement node needed to read it in as a vector format and be remapped to -0.5 min and 0.5 max because TIFF formats do not allow negative values like EXR. By the way for UDIM I can use the <UDIM> token instead of the more complex expression.
This is what i have atm. 
I am not happy it looks like crap. Frusturates when in shadr build up you try to change something and you do not see effect. 
And then trying to figure out what is wrong. 
I am not interested in key shot look dev or substance painter as those are usles in cinematic and VFX pipeline.




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