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Looping FLIP Fluid Sim


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I'm trying to loop a FLIP fluid simulation, it's a simple water container with various floating objects interacting with the water. I need to loop the sim and didn't have any luck with the "Make Loop" node from the Games shelf. Anyone know how to get this to work with a fluid sim?




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I've had decent results by creating an sdf of the simulation, mixing it with a timeshifted copy of itself so that it loops seamlessly, and then meshing it. Obviously results may vary as you wanna have the start and end as similair as possible; some blending artifacts are going to be visible.

Perhaps a better solution could involve calculating some kind of difference velocity field towards the end of the sim by comparing it to a timeshifted copy of itself, and then use that to advect the present-time sim... Then blending the two results as above. Just a thought though, wouldn't really know how to set this up properly.

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