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Need help Wall destruction - New to Houdini


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Hello, i'm new here. I'm a 21 years old student and I have a VFX class every 2 weeks… I have a lot of difficulties with Houdini tho. Our first project is t break a wall with a ball and then put a texture on the wall. I really tried but everytime something didn't works. So I come here for help. I'll let you the project Houdini, a screeshot of the nods and the textures. There"s supposed to have an Arnold light but I don't have Arnold at home so.



Global nodes:











Thanks for your help!

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The force won't affect the wall because you are setting "active" attribute to 0 on the all pieces of the wall. I used simple if statement inside point wrangler to set it up. Inside point wrangler, I'm checking If the incoming pieces are inside group "InactiveZone" if they are their active attribute is set to 0 otherwise it is 1. 


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