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How to extrude edges\curves to one direction?


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Good day everyone!
 I have another problem: cannot extrude multiply edges\curves (which set in SOP as primitives) in one direction. I quess it's cause of vertices direction, but while I used attribVOP... that didn't help.
 That trouble appears after "resample" node (but I need this node in exact order of my pipeline).
 I attach current result of "extrude" node and another image, where edges has been extruded properly (to one direction):
 Thank you :)



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14 minutes ago, 3dome said:

using polyextrude with "transform extruded front" should work too and you dont have to convert to volume and back

Thanks for reply!
 I've tried and your method didnt work with my hands. 3 hours of clicking... but at least "volume extrude" work for now. I guess I need to normalize normals (VOP).

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You could use an attribute wrangle on the points before the polyextrude with something like @N=set(0,1,0);

You can use the point sop to do the same thing, set attribute to N, in the Vexpression choose constant value and set the middle value to 1.

Then all your normals on the edges/curves will be pointing straight up. In the polyextrude extrusion mode use point normals from attribute N as the extrude direction.

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