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Condition from RBD packed position


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@3dome, Is the "*" a way to reference all points? Because it's a RBD Packed, there could be more then one object?


In a pop wrangle it would look like this


if (@P.y < -5)
    i@activationState = 1;
    i@activationState = 0;

Because it iterates over all the object, we could just reference the object we need to look at. But in the pop drags parameter, there is no way to know what object we are referring to... Is there a way to use something like the "point" vex function, to tell it to look at the position of "object 1"?

Maybe I just don't understand the "*= @P.y" expression, can you elaborate?

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sorry for the confusion caused by my lazy coding style

airresist *= @P.y < some-value;  is actually the same as

if(@P.y < some-value)
	airresist = airresist * 1; //keeping airresist at whatever level it's set
  	airresist = airresist * 0; //turning it off as (something * 0) = 0

x *= y is just short for x = x * y, it has nothing to do with objects. Pop drag will act on all objects unless you set a group or play with the VEXpression

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