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Axis-aligned bounding boxes with VEX- collision detection

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Hi guys.  I found some code on this game dev site

function intersect(a, b) {
  return (a.minX <= b.maxX && a.maxX >= b.minX) &&
         (a.minY <= b.maxY && a.maxY >= b.minY) &&
         (a.minZ <= b.maxZ && a.maxZ >= b.minZ);

I need to recreate this in VEX for packed primitive bboxes.  It doesn't have to be this method. I just need a really fast efficient way to detect a collision between moving bounding boxes and returning a 0 or a 1.  Its in a scene thats going to be using the bboxes of a package containing many instances of trees, getting copied onto points on 2 colliding surfaces, hence the need to want to keep it packed for efficiency.  Not sure how to fit this into vex.  Any advice would be great


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here is an example, and HIP file:

vector amin,amax;
vector bmin,bmax;

int intersect_(vector amin,amax,bmin,bmax) {
  return(amin.x <= bmax.x && amax.x >= bmin.x &&
         amin.y <= bmax.y && amax.y >= bmin.y &&
         amin.z <= bmax.z && amax.z >= bmin.z);

intersect is a reserved VEX function name, so I used intersect_ instead


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Also, for object aligned boxes, I would generally loop over the objects, just use the Box SOP and then in VEX, do a intersect along the Normal (z), Up (y) vector and crossproduct(N, up) for the x axis, to get the scales.

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