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VFX’n’GO - Houdini Rocks - Volume 4a - Dynamics

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In this course I talk about the Dynamics and started with RBD object and with the fracturing system like Voronoi and much more. I show you how to managment the new systems in Houdini 17 like RBD Material Fracture, Voronoi Sops and the new constraint Soft. Also I show you some tips for switch from one costrant to others and how to converted the RBD simulation in "soft-body".

Do you want more?
Ok... I talk about also how to use the costum volume vops for fracture your geometry and use also a VEX for control some simulation (using also inside the sop solver). So... it's more theoretica/technical course in fact is split in two volume "4(a)" and "4(b)".... "4(b)" is more practical and coming soon...

It's over h 4:30 with 32 videos and HIP Files included.

basic requirements

  • basic knowledge of Houdini
  • recommended know/wacth Houdini Rocks Volume 1, 2 and 3


  • language english
  • 32 video 1080p (1920x1080) in *.mp4 h264 codec
  • video is color
  • files HIP is included
  • duration h 4:38:02




you can find it on:


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