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Variable with its enumerator in VEX

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I have a small vex snippet like below:

vector P1 = point(0, "P", 0);
vector P2 = point(0, "P", npoints(0)-1);

int btmSide1 = addpoint(geoself(), set(P1.x, P1.y-1, P1.z));
setdetailattrib(0, "btmSide", btmSide1, "append");
int btmSide2 = addpoint(geoself(), set(P2.x, P2.y-1, P2.z));
setdetailattrib(0, "btmSide", btmSide2, "append");

The btmSide1 and 2 variables return ID's of the points created and I'm placing those points one by one into an integer array named "btmSide". I want to be able to do this in a for loop but got stuck with names :( How can I denote the enumerator beside the name "btmSide" and have it recognized as an integer?


Thanx so much for the help in advance :)





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Hi Aj!


I'm not the most knowledgeable person but here are a few things that might help >



You're wanting to convert btmside2 to an integer to append it to the array btmside? 

If you're stuck on "names" perhaps you should use strings instead? 

If you want to use the name btmside and convert btmside2 to an integer and append it to the end of btmside, sprintf is perfect for you! (I think)


String btmside = sprintf(“%s%d”, btmside, integer);



Have you checked if your wrangle is running over points vs detail?



I'm still learning vex as well, but this method might be of use to you >

Whenver I run over points in a loop and I want specific points to do specific things, I just check if the point number is = to the looping number.

for (int i = 0; i<@numpt; i++) {

if (i == @ptnum) {





Let me know if any of this helped, or if I'm just stupid. 

Good luck!

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if I understood the question correctly, you are trying to generate an array of integers with newly created points:

You have to run over detail only once.

vector P;
int btmSideArray[];
for (int i=0;i<@numpt;i++){
    P = point(0, "P", i);
    int btmSide = addpoint(0, set(P.x, P.y-1, P.z));
    append(btmSideArray, btmSide);
    setdetailattrib(0, "btmSide", btmSideArray, "set");

hip file attached.  


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