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Copy to points / Animation start on particle birth (alembic or cached)

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Hi guys!

I have a particle sim meshed as vdb that i would like to copy in every particle when it birth.

I've seen people doing this with a copy stamp/timeshift method that feels really old and slow.

Is there any newish method to copy and start the alembic/cached animation onto particles birth?

Im attaching a file with just the sim and a copy to points, let's see if you have any tip to start the anim from frame 1 when the particle is emitted.



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You can copy packed disk sequences and set the "frame" primitive intrinsic after the fact, or with Alembics you can set the "abcframe" primitive intrinsic, via the setprimintrinsic() VEX function. You could easily base the attribute value on a remapped @nage, or some other point attribute on the particles.

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