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Auto Rig Tool Question


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Hey guys

Awesome update to houdini. Houdini has more character yay.. see what i did there.........


Anyways i have a question, now it may seem very simple to some, and for those who know i would love it if you were to help me out a little.

Painting weights. Now i have made the rig, and adjusted all the capture regions and the geometry is now bound. But i was wondering where to one make edits and paint weights.

I thinking this is to be done on the capture rig, and also on a sop level as i cannot seem to find any tool where i can do it on an OBJ level.

Does this mean i have to create a SOP network or go into the skin OP

and make a paint wieghts SOP etc?

I followed the help which was infact very helpful but the tutorial ends on this last step and dont realy know where to start. Im hoping i dont have to go into the Capture Rig OP and create a paint weight for every bone joint because.... well... there is around 50 or so.

So like i siad it seems to be a simple problem and would love a little guidance.

Great work SESI.

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the auto rig is designed to get you a captured mesh...but it's weights are just based on the positioning of the proxy pills....the size and shape of the proxy pills are then feed into the capture pills (with a slight ovelap) as a starting point...you'll have to use Houdini's regular capture tools/workflow to adjust the weights from there...

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