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H17: Pump FLIP with the new Fluid Source Pipeline

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Hi guys,
I have a question concerning the new fluid source in H17.

How can i create a pump source from curve (point) to drive a FLIP simulation (technique used to create a boat's wake effect) with the new fluid source pipeline. I'am really confused about the new pipeline, and don't really understand the benefics of that changement. 
I used to create this simple pump field in H16 with the old fluid source SOP. But now i can't find the way to recreate that, should i use Flip source SOP (can't make it work with curve as input), or the pyro source SOP ?
Please if you have any idea to spread this technique in the new Pipe it would be awesome. I'am stucks and tried a lot of setup but no luck. 

Thx ;)

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I have created my pump source, chere i can see my pump field, v field etc....


But then when i connect it to the DOP volume source in pump mode, the volume source get an error to recognize the pump field.


Any ideas ?

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It' ok, i was just a silly boy, i plug in the wrong input of the flip solver, i was in the particle vel, and the rigth one was volume vel.

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