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Starcraft Growth Project

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Hey there!

Trying to be more active.

Here's a WIP of a project I did for Peter Claes's Houdini class. Such a cool technique to play around with. Struggled a ton, and have lot of extra RnD elements that got gutted haha. But I learned a lot. Have to Re-Render, have some slime / rivulets for the eggs in the next render, which I have been struggling with. Initially was flip but switched to something simpler and less heavy..

Had issues transferring V for motion blur due to changing pt numbers but I'm sure someone probably could figure it out!

Wanted to add one of the eggs exploding. but stretched thin on time. Will do another rnd for it.


Will re-render without motion blur I think. 


Someone had idea of adding veins, like a neural network that activate and reveal. but I failed at that for texturing lol. I think I could brute force it with geometry to replicate it but that just seems wrong. Also I keep running into Lights inside Volumes on my projects.. makes clearing up noise pretty miserable!


Will return to this project after school and expand on it.


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Nice effects, despite problems you have, I like it very much.

About veins, nice challenge: you could project curves on the final grown object and use an attribute transfer from growing mesh to the curves, so they enlarge themselves (a @pscale attribute driven by color and you have polywire reading @pscale) while the all thing is growing, well, that's in theory. There are some flaws in that, of couse, but it could be a starting point.

The fact is I found the idea of growing veins to be very cool, so I think I'll explore it as exercise, I'll share if I'll have something useful, but don't expect nothing soon as I'm very busy at the moment.

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Hey, thanks a ton Michele, gives me a lot good feelings :)


Thanks for the idea! I'll definitely try it out as soon as I get back on this.

Wish you fun on the exercise!


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