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Proper Way of Replacing a Node's Interface

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I need to replace the interface of the houdini rop network with my own panel. I use it for sending renders to farm etc. I use the 'oppresetload' to load my property page to the node itself. The issues come when i want to change a few thing on the interface by a python script ( parameter labels and script callback of buttons -> see script bellow ).  The issues are: folder conditional strings are cleared, some parameter type changes ( button strip ).

My question is:

What is the proper way of replacing a node's interface without Digital Asset ?




Label change:

                ptg = parm_obj.parmTemplateGroup()
                parmname = 'active'
                pt = ptg.find( parmname)
                if is_sim == '1':
                    # pt.setLabel('Active / [ SIM ]  /  '+self.version)
                elif is_sim == '0':
                    # pt.setLabel('Active / [ RENDER ]  /  '+self.version)
                ptg.replace( parmname, pt)

button Callback change Script :


        parm_obj = rop
        ptg = parm_obj.parmTemplateGroup()
        pt = ptg.find( parm)
        pt.setScriptCallback( script)
        ptg.replace( parm, pt)


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