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I've setup a hqueue farm across several machines with a shared drive. Almost everything seems to be working now (had lot's of intermittent issues, with jobs not making it to hqueue and 0%progress fails[think perhaps there was a license conflict])

Anyway, current problem is that I am unable to overwrite dependencies in the shared folder when I resubmit the hqrender node. As far as I can tell there are no permission issues and the files are not being used. I can read/delete/edit these files no problem from any of my clients/server machines(also fine/not corrupt in local directory). Any thoughts? log below


00:00:00   144MB         | [rop_operators] Registering operators ...
00:00:00   145MB         | [rop_operators] operator registration done.
00:00:00   170MB         | [vop_shaders] Registering shaders ...
00:00:00   172MB         | [vop_shaders] shader registration done.
00:00:00   172MB         | [htoa_op] End registration.
00:00:00   172MB         |  
00:00:00   172MB         | releasing resources
00:00:00   172MB         | Arnold shutdown
Loading .hip file \\\Cache/projects/testSubmit-2_deletenoChace_2.hip.
PROGRESS: 0%ERROR: The attempted operation failed.
Error:       Unable to save geometry for: /obj/sphere1/file1
    SOP Error:       Unable to read file "//".
             GeometryIO[hjson]: Unable to open file '//'
Backend IO

Thanks in advance

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I know there are 101 factors at play with Hqueue and diagnosing problems from random scrawlings without system/scene info is generally not that feasible but I'm hoping this error message will jog someones memory.

"mantra: Error writing data to image device"

basically jobs on the hqueue farm seem to intermittently stall with this error "mantra: Error writing data to image device" If i reset the hqclientd.bat on client machines, then a few frames will get rendered but eventually one will stall followed by the rest with the same error. Everyone is admin, ports all open, no files to overwrite. A permission element i've overlooked somewhere(which would make sense given my first unresolved first post issue)? drive bandwith limit/?, (I'm not a tech guy, i prefer moving points around with vex :( ) (On Windows 7) I'll keep digging..

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