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Water/dops Project


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Hey Everyone.

I was hoping to get feedback on this project. I have my water/particles and my "chain reaction" roughed in. Once the water is done I will most likely render that out as a .bgeo sequence to save render times at the end. Everything right now is all expression based, and will be triggered by my DOP's sim.

Here's the links to what I have so far after a few days of working on it. Thanks.




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The water when it's in the middle of pouring is really nice! What did you use to do that?

When it's in the glass though, the middle air bubble parts look like they have a life of their own. Also, the water level doesn't seem to be rising at the same rate as the water's getting poured in.

Good luck with the rest!

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Hey Thanks for the replies...

I pretty much reworked all my particles and dynamics. I only had about 2 weeks to finish this because of finals at SCAD. I still want to rework my DOPs network, now that I have a much better understanding of how it works (though I still think its kinda clunky). But I think my particles are much better this time around, but I still need to tweak them a bit. Any more feedback and critiques would be greatly appreciated :). Thanks.


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hi Overload.

#1. scale...

in beginning feels different scale then in the end

( hard to get feeling how big is your objects in the scene)

#2. water feels like metabols (spheres) ..

#3. randomize bubbles size and motion.



freelance supervisor


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Hey Overload,

The chain reaction is really cool. The water's looking way better too. But, it somehow still feels thick. It looks like water, but falls like cream. :)

I also agree with Val on randomizing your bubbles. I can tell they're already changing in size, but a bigger variance might look more realistic.

Keep us updated!

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Hey thanks guys...

I actually do have the bubbles randomized...but for some reason I was getting alot of weird poppping when I rendered, so I clamped my random values kinda high.. I'm sure if I lower that it might fix some of it. Also I might try adding motion blur to just the bubbles and see what kinds of results that will produce. Over all, this was more or less a crash course in DOPs and more practice with Particles.. Now that I can take a breath from my school projects, I can hopefully revisit that and a few other projects this week some time. Thanks again for the comments, that gives me alot more direction on what to go about fixing :).


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