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Cant rotate ramp effect


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Houdini issue. Cant seem to be able to rotate ramp effect. If i use Uv texture projection to Z axis it will set my eye textures off and ramp right but when i set it Y axis it sets ramp right but textures off.

Here is also scene file and texture file and also eye obj file

I do not know do i approach this correct way but i have
1. inner eye obj file
2. outer eye obj file

1. texture set for inner eye
2. texture set for outer eye

Wanted to use ramp so that part will be translusive (So you can see trho it) so you can see thro it and can see obj file inside it and textures on that obj file that is inner eye. 
Currently having issues that cant make ramp same ridection as textures for outer eye are (outer eye has veins and that white part of eye)
OBJ eye file:

Base color map for external eye:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/nmvpsskw75i3e98/Base Color.1001.tif?dl=0

Houdini Scene file: 

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